NAME: Yogobella at Real Pearl - Mee
BORN: 29th August 2008
BREED: border collie
COLOUR: brown and white
WEIGHT: 10-11 kg
HEIGHT: 45,5 cm
DAM: Jodie Foster At Real Pearl   SIR: Bayshore Count Chocula
PRA, CEA, CH, TNS: normal by parents
HD: not tested yet  ED: not tested yet
AGILITY: A2 (only one exam to A3)
BREEDING PERMISSION: B - because of her height

Mee is my first own dog. I wish dog for a very lomg time and it was very hard to explain my parents how much I wish dog - border collie.
I was doing agility, tricks and frisbee befor with Oli, but he didn't have a lot of interes to work with me. I fall in love with border collies at agility competitions and watching YouTube videos... adn after waiting I finally got my very special girl.
Mee was shy at first time, but after socialization and showing her that big world is not that bad and scary she became a nice dog with nice character - for me! She don't like other dogs soo much, but I don't really care about it because I have her to work, enjoy and live with me. And she really loves me and I love her... we are like best friends.
She loves running, walks, chasing balls, sticks, frisbee, herding, doing tricks, jumping and swiming in the water.

.:: AGILITY ::.
Mee loves agility. We are training agility in SKD Celeia, our trainer is Rosana Krajnc. I hope that we will attend agility classes at Silvia Trkman's LoLaBu land one day.
She is actually pretty good and fast for her height - because she is competing in large (she have to jump over 65cm).. but I'm not good at all, I'm waiting for a mirical to handle better ad run faster. We ar using CIKs and CAPs.

Our first competition:

Agility 1
1st clean run: Slovenska Bistrica,   4th place (video)
2nd clean run: Maribor,   2nd place (video)
3rd clean run: Murska Sobota,    3rd place (video)

Agility 2
1st celan run: Duplica,    1st place (no video)
2nd clean run: Ljutomer,    2nd place (no video)
3rd clean run:      /

.:: TRICKS ::.
Mee knows a lot of tricks and she loves o teach them. We are using clicker, some luring, a lot of shaping and targeting methods.

Tricks videos you can see if you click on buttom >>video<<

.:: HERDING ::.
She have a herding instinct. She was herding sheep only two times and she loved it I don't have time for herding right now, but I'm planing to go herding again in the furture. She also herding rabbits and other animals too. :))

.:: FRISBEE ::.
We are doing frisbee since Mee was a puppy. We started with rollers. Mee is a little frisbee freak. We were on one seminar with Jean McCollinster and Manca Mikec, when Mee was a very young (about 10 months).
Aw actually were not at frisbee competition, but I hope to go compete soon.

Our firsbee freestyle you can see here.
.:: MEE
foto: Maja Rokavec
foto: Alexandra Portir
foto: Andraz Cerar
foto: Anja Troha
foto: Maja Rokavec
foto: Katja Crcek
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